Guideline on Doping

The GLISA Doping Policy shall foremost be guided by the GLISA Gender Policy and by the World Anti-Doping Code using Therapeutic Use Exemptions whenever possible so that all may take part.


GLISA values the diversity of participants and the community, and seeks to create a welcoming place for everyone. GLISA welcomes everyone to worldOutgames regardless of their sex or gender identity.

GLISA’s Gender Policy can be summarised as self-declaration; that is to say that it is GLISA’s intention, as governing body of the worldOutgames, that the dignity of all participants be maintained by not asking harassing, probing or humiliating personal questions about the nature of a participant’s gender, gender transition, hormonal levels or any treatment or therapy. See the complete Gender Policy.

Of course, the concept of fair play also applies, which means that we ask participants who may have an unfair advantage to respect that fact. It is clearly unfair, for example, for a participant who self-identifies as female, but is otherwise physically and biologically male, to compete in a women’s event if that advantage causes other participants to miss out on winning medals or setting records.

Many of the competitive sports disciplines at worldOutgames are of necessity sanctioned by relevant national, local and international governing bodies where very specific rules about gender may apply. GLISA will do its best to accommodate the needs of participants regarding gender, but participants are asked to understand that winning a medal or setting a record must be seen to be fair to all involved, and that GLISA cannot guarantee that self-declaration will be sufficient in all circumstances.

In particular, testosterone, the hormone prescribed to trans men, is a banned substance under the World Anti-Doping Code. There are strict policies for applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for any banned substance. Trans men on testosterone are therefore advised to obtain a letter from their prescribing physician setting out the frequency and level of their dose in the event that a medal win / record present a possible perceived unfair situation for the other participants, or that a Doping Test is required by the relevant authorities.

GLISA expects that participants will not use:

(1) any substance banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency; or

(2) prescribed substances that enhance performance;

and will endeavor to perform at their personal best without unnatural enhancement.

GLISA reserves the right to undertake official drug testing and allow any worldOutgames sport Sanctioning Body to undertake official drug testing.

Whilst there may be no routine official drug testing, participants who admit the use of performance enhancing substances for the purpose of achieving records or better results than they would normally achieve, will be subject to possible:

(1) disqualification;

(2) retraction of participation recognition;

(3) retraction of any place awards and/or medals awarded by worldOutgames and

(4) elimination of the participant’s result from any performance records;

(5) exclusion from future GLISA, worldOutgames and regional Outgames events.

The Board of GLISA International, in consultation with the relevant sanctioning body if such a body sanctions a sports event of worldOutgames, will have the final say. No appeal will be allowed.

Approved by the board July 2013

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