Who are we?

The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association is a democratically governed, international association of LGBT sport and human rights organizations from around the world. Modeled after existing multi-sport organizations, GLISA’s members are international sporting federations, human rights organizations, continental associations representing sport teams and clubs from the major regions of the world, host cities of GLISA’s World OutGames, and other organizations that support the mandate of GLISA.

What do we do?

We grow LGBT sport by facilitating partnerships for the successful delivery of World and Continental OutGames; we share expertise and best-practices with and among member organizations around the world to nurture growth and sustainability; and we partner with a broad variety of organizations, both LGBT and mainstream, to build bridges that help us further our activities and visibility while celebrating our culture through sport.

What makes us distinctive?

The distinctive work of GLISA can be described in terms of ‘four pillars’:

  1. The first pillar is GLISA’s mandate to nurture and grow LGBT sport world-wide, year in and year out, through outreach, member services and the sharing of knowledge and best practices among member organizations.
  2. The second pillar of GLISA is partnership with mainstream sport, human rights and cultural organizations that share our mission to make all places safe for LGBT athletes to play sport.
  3. The third pillar of GLISA is the delivery of games. These include world OutGames every four years and continental OutGames in intervening years.
  4. The fourth pillar of GLISA is the professionalization of the LGBT sport movement. GLISA is committed to legacy in the form of transfer of knowledge, innovation in the delivery of services, and professionalism in the implementation of marketing and sponsorship strategies.

What is our vision?

GLISA’s vision is a vibrant future LGBT sport movement that offers a compelling competition calendar, competitive events featuring the highest standards of organization and facilities, growing capacity at every level of the sport system, events fully recognized by mainstream and LGBT sport governing bodies, and a viable business model for hosting games.

What are our priorities?

At present it is GLISA’s priority to support our host city of Miami to deliver the 4th World OutGames in 2016,

Our other priorities include:

Expanding our membership through teams, clubs and international federations, nurturing the creation of continental associations in North America and Asia/Pacific and their prepartions to deliver more Continental OutGames , strengthening partnerships with mainstream organizations to combat homophobia in sport, and establishing a permanent home for GLISA.

What are our values?

We are about delivering PRIDE:

  • Participation and Celebration
  • Respect and Fairness
  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Empowerment

Why should my organization join GLISA?

Membership in GLISA enables you to promote your organization through our web site and your events through our online calendar, to network with dozens of other organizations like yours around the world, to share in and benefit from our best practices database, to be a part of expanding GLISA’s continental associations which will be partnering with hosts to deliver Continental OutGames, to have a say in the governance of GLISA including making decisions about future World OutGames locations and programs of sports and events, and to have the opportunity to serve in a leadership position within GLISA.

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