GLISA Responds to EGLSF letter related to 1QE

Answer to a recent EGLSF Letter Addressed to GLISA and FGG

Dear Friends of the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF),

We write to thank you for your recent group letter addressed to both us and the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) regarding One Quadrennial Event (1QE).

The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association welcomes your request to commit to the points you make. GLISA has already made these commitments, but we are more than happy to reiterate them here:

1. We are ready to build a working group immediately.

2. We are not aware of any GLISA bylaws which hinder GLISA from collaborating with any other organization or about a joint event; however should any obstacles become apparent, we commit to modify them as necessary and immediately submit the modifications to our members for ratification. As you will recall from our Delegate Congress in Antwerp in August, we are already in the process of rewriting our bylaws in order to meet the requirements of new Canadian legislation and will of course ensure that the new bylaws are sufficiently flexible so as not to cause any difficulties.

3. The wishes of the LGBT sport, human rights and cultural communities are paramount to GLISA. Indeed, GLISA was founded by the community, for the community and its organizational model was even based on that of EGLSF. We currently have more than 150 members from five different continents, primarily from the world of sport, but also from human rights and culture. Since the worldOutgames in August, we have recruited 15 more member organizations, primarily in Latin America. The composition of our Board is now even more diverse than before, and now includes a transgender woman from Venezuela, an Indonesian human rights activist, a straight man from Brazil and an activist from French-speaking Africa.

One additional pledge, which is not actually necessary according to our bylaws however it is still important to us, is that we will present the agreement reached on 1QE to our members for ratification within 60 days after an agreement has been reached.

We are happy to accept your invitation to meet on Thursday 6 March in Ljubljana. As you will also recall from our Delegate Congress in August, our members set a deadline of 30 June 2014 for an agreement with FGG. This is because of the need to get this important work finalized before the extremely busy period FGG will have with its event in Cleveland and the start of the next cycle of bidding which will come up very soon afterwards. This deadline also ensures that we can continue developing our grassroots movement on every continent and make our community even stronger.

That is why our members, including yourselves, voted so overwhelmingly to ask the board to reopen talks and to move them fast towards the above-mentioned deadline. We are therefore very glad to see EGLSF supporting this at this time.


Yours in Sport, Culture and Human Rights,

Daniel Vaudrin
Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association

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