GLISA Membership

Benefits of Membership

Membership in GLISA enables you to :

  • promote your organization through our web site and your events through our online calendar,
  • network with dozens of other organizations like yours around the world,
  • share in and benefit from our best practices database,
  • be a part of expanding GLISA’s continental associations which will be partnering with hosts to deliver Continental OutGames,
  • have a say in the governance of GLISA including making decisions about future World OutGames locations and programs of sports and events, and
  • have the opportunity to serve in a leadership position within GLISA.

GLISA has four types of members: International Federations, Sport Clubs and Teams, Host Cities and Associates.

An International Federation is an organization focused on a single sporting activity or group of sport disciplines, having membership representation from at least three countries. view »

Sport Clubs and Teams are local organizations representing participants in gay and lesbian sporting activities, either in single or multiple sport disciplines.  view »

Host Cities are cities designated by GLISA as host of a World OutGames.

Associates are organizations and businesses that support the mandate of GLISA and that do not fall into any other category of membership. International federations, sport clubs and teams through their continental associations, and host cities have voting rights in GLISA as specified in the Bylaws. Associates do not have voting rights. view »


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