5 Cities Intend on Bidding for 2017 worldOutgames

The Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association announces bidding cities for the 4th worldOutgames to be held in 2017

Toronto, September 19, 2012 – The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association is proud to announce that letters of intent to bid to host the 4th worldOutgames in 2017 have been received from:

Denver –  Miami Beach – Reykjavik – Rio de Janeiro – Rome.

The first step of the bidding is now closed, and the cities will now start getting ready to make their cities shine.

“GLISA is extremely pleased to see the interest from so many diverse cities in organizing this international LGBTQ event consisting of equal parts multi-sport tournament, human rights conference and culture,” said Julia Applegate, female co-president of GLISA International.

Daniel Vaudrin, male co-president, added “we are also especially happy that they are from three different continents.”

The next step in this process is to announce a short list of bidders. This is expected to occur in the month of December this year. Please follow our twitter account @GLISAIntl for updates to this schedule.

World and Continental Outgames

The 1st worldOutgames was held in 2006 in Montreal and attracted more than 12,000 participants. The event was based on three components: Sport, Culture and Human Rights.

Since then, successful events have been hosted by GLISA’s Continental Associations in North America Calgary, Canada and Vancouver, Canada) and Asia Pacific (Melbourne, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand).

The successful 2nd worldOutgames was held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009. It was heralded as an, attractive open all-inclusive event not only for the local and international LGBT community, but also for the people of Copenhagen and Denmark.

In 2013, July 31 – August 11, worldOutgames III will be held in Antwerp, Belgium. The next Asia Pacific Outgames will be in Darwin, Australia, and the next North American Outgames in Denver, USA.

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